more recycling for charity

July 31, 2008

– In each dwelling, there is a mystical repository of all useless (or useful some day, in the right circumstances*) things: The Drawer. Maybe it’s a cupboard, where a nest of starlings has set up home. You know what I’m talking about. Within it lurks lengths of string. Candle ends. Postcards. Keys.

So, the latter item is apparently recycleable, through Keys for Kindness, a US-based charity. This charity started up in May of this year, and takes donations of keys to raise money for the M.S Society.

You can send your keys to:

Keys for Kindness
P.O. Box 201
Pearl River
N.Y. 10965

– Recycling Ireland will recycle certain types of printer cartridges and mobile phones, for the benefit of selected Irish charities. Check each charity’s page for what you can donate on their behalf. Charities that will benefit include Barnardos, Irish Red Cross, Cork Simon Community and Oxfam Ireland.

I know that some people have expressed concerns about donating mobile phones in this way rather than just passing on the phone, but if you really feel your mobile is not worth passing on, it might be worth making sure a charity will benefit.

And just one more..

– I’ve been collecting stamps from post that comes through work, and finding different charities to benefit from them has been difficult. However, the Irish Peatland Conservation Council is very happy to accept used stamps**. Trim them (with about a 1cm margin all around) and send them to:

Co. Kildare

A few weeks ago, I sent off my first lot and am hopeful that they managed to raise a few shekels =)

Other charities that take used stamps include:

PDSA– send your stamps to

PDSA Stamp Appeal
P.O. Box 9191

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People– send your stamps to

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
PO Box 6198
Leighton Buzzard

Several charities are registered with Charity Stamps Direct, so you can send your stamps to

Charity Stamps Direct (name of charity)
5 Inverleith Gardens

The charities include: Barn Owl Trust, Leprosy Mission Ireland and Breakthrough Breast Cancer but you can find a full list here.

RNIB take stamps, as well as British and foreign coins, mobile phones and printer cartridges. The address for their used stamps appeal is

RNIB Stamp Recycling
PO Box 185

– If you’re US-based, why not have a look at Recycling for Charities?

* This particular circumstance may involve one or more of the following:

– the rising of two blood red moons over Terryglass
– someone finding an answer for Goldbach’s conjecture
– the return of Futurama (and I don’t just mean the films)

** I should also mention that they also accept old and foreign coins and banknotes, old call cards and change tickets from Dublin Bus receipts. Email them at bogs [at] ipcc [dot] ie if you have something you think they might be able to make use of.


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