the breaking point

July 18, 2008

It wasn’t one thing, but a whole plethora of things on the same day that made me say, “That, dears, is the last friggin’ straw. I will do something or be damned.” Another reactionary anti-NGO article, another story of a charity’s funding shortfall, more evidence of things that are just plain wrong not being addressed..

What was your breaking point, or have you had it yet? What matters to you- what is the issue guaranteed to bring you up short?

How many of you reading this have found yourselves saying any of the following?

“If only I had the [resource] to do something about..”

“I can’t believe that this is allowed to happen..”

This is the situation I’m in- I badly want to do what I can, with the limited resources I have, to make a difference. If you’re short on cash, time or ideas, this is the place for you. Over the coming time, I will be looking at a variety of ways to help charities and causes, that will take into account limited budgets and little to no free time.

I will try everything myself and report back on this here blog. I would love if you would comment with your own ideas or experiences- please feel free.

What has made the difference to me is knowing that I’m not powerless- that what I do (and what I avoid doing) can make a difference. Small, but noticeable, nonetheless.